Sunday, February 05, 2006

World Cyber Games 2005 : Singapore

What does Singapore have in common with the World Cyber Games ?

Who knows ? Thats why I asked.

But I will attempt a feeble proposition. Perhaps it the fact that the island nation has the widest broadband reach and mobile phone usage per capita, the state is a supportive hub for techono geeks. The island has a 99.98% of reliable power and electricity source. I mean, can you imagine, a black out at the cyber game ? tut ! Tut ! At least at the Olympics, athletes can still move if the lights go out ! Or at worse, the torch will shed have a bit of a glow effect on the 100m sprint.

Secondary supporting random evidence of commonality between the Cyber Games and Singapore : is the fact that a large percentage of the population already suffer from myopia ( square eyes ).

A shared gloabl culture with youths spawned on the era of Pac Man, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong. Followed up by the successful product launches of Xbox, to Counter Strike and a myriad more cyber games. Altogether making sweeping statements of disparate logic the island is furtile ground for nurturing the future Champions of the Cyber World.

Anyway, does it really matter ? Probably not.
What matters is that the island state has been honoured with the job or hosting the World Cyber Games 2005. The Prize money is hugely attractive, good "Places to get your champions' gear" and it seems to have spun off a whole lot of excitement and support from over 39,000 spectators, and Singapore lays claim to a silver medalist. GO team Singapore !


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